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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Judges, Generals, Journalists, Politicians, Others & Their Accountability

Judges, generals, journalists, politicians and others: All should face accountability

A few days ago a news item mentioned names of some judges who were allotted residential plots in Islamabad. Someone said publication of such news items was a deliberate attempt to malign the judiciary. Then a section of the press carried a list of the names of the journalists who were allotted plots in the federal capital. This time it was the turn of the friends of the media to cry foul.

It is not uncommon to see statements by leaders, members and supporters of various political parties condemning one or the other section of the press or their opponents for ‘unjust’ or ‘discriminatory’ criticism of their parties. They call such criticism as vilification campaign against them and paint themselves as victims.

All this doesn’t speak well of Pakistani society. It still seems to be primitive, inchoate and undeveloped. One is not sure how many more years and how many more disasters and debacles it would need to show any signs of maturity.

The people must be clear in their understanding and in their resolve that they would not allow any attack on democracy, the freedom of media and the independence of judiciary. Other than that no institution should be regarded as sacrosanct or beyond criticism and accountability. Keeping in view the past digressions, deviations and fatal blunders, the people must be extra vigilant and keep a close eye on the doings and the misdoings of one and all.

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