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Monday, June 23, 2014

Pakistan: The Masters, The Madaaris & The Monkeys!

Masters, Madaaris & the Monkeys:

Pakistani praetorian masters conduct Psychological operations (PSYOP) to control peoples' minds to perpetuate their hold on power & resources of the country; they befittingly use their hand-maiden 'madaaris' to play the drama; a new or even an oft-repeated act; & the media men & women & the public so eagerly & so readily turn into monkeys; they become excited, start jumping up & down & from one branch of the tree to the other!

Welcome to the never-ending 'tamasha' in Pakistan! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Army operation against Taliban: Who are they kidding?

Army operation against Taliban: Who are they kidding? Who is going to fall for this?

This is nothing but hogwash. Doesn't mean a thing.

It is an exercise in futility until coupled with a robust & meaningful operation against Taliban producing madarsas, the hate & fire spewing mullahs & the mindset behind it.

Talibaniat runs deep in Pakistan. Going after just one of the multitudes of symptoms is not going to make any change. Not even slightly. Things will only get worse.

Talibaniat has its roots in the constitution of Pakistan & the so-called ideology of Pakistan. The growing mazhabi asbiat or religiosity & sectarianism.

It only shows that either the govt & army don't understand the issue or they don't want to go after the real causes.

The malaise is too deep to be cured by cosmetic actions.