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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Notes From My Memory, Part VIII, By Mir Thebo: G. M. Laghari, Syed's Birth Day in Jail, Living With Enemies, Palijo's Ideology, Life in Jail

Dear readers, please forgive me for delay in this installment. I am grateful to you for your interest in the notes from my memory. This is something that I always wanted to do but the problem is that I don’t have any written notes, nor do I have any reference material available to me. I am also aware of flaws in my writing style and also that I forget many events and personalities. First, I thought no one would really be interested in it. But I am thankful to some friends who have encouraged me and have really pushed me to jot down these notes. I will appreciate if you would please bear with me and would also send me your comments and input. There may also be some people who might be sharpening their daggers to attack me once I finish writing these notes. But that is what the life is all about!

Here, I would like to recall the words of a Chinese writer who was also mentioned by Will Durant in his epic book 'Story of Civilization': Tai T’ung (thirteenth century Chinese philosopher) had said “Were I to await perfection, my book would not be finished …”. So, let me continue in that spirit.
Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Laghari

Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Laghari, a forgotten peasant leader: There are many distinguished people in Sindh who have been forgotten. Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Laghari is one of them. He worked tirelessly for the rights of the peasantry and the downtrodden people at a time when such work could not gain public attention or sympathy and was not appreciated by the media. Actually we didn’t have any media at that time as we have it today. There were only few ragtag newspapers and they didn’t have that great readership. Even those newspapers ignored any work by the true leaders of the peasants and the working class. Most of the common Sindhis were illiterate, ignorant and afraid of feudal lords and police. They avoided listening to the comrades, who were persecuted like Jesus and his followers were persecuted in Roman period.

I have forgot the name of the peasant leader on whom a feudal lord had once unleashed dogs to keep him off and away from his lands and his peasants. Such were the times! There were no transport facilities in the most parts of Sindh those days. The comrades had to walk on foot for miles to reach the remote villages. The names of some of the comrades that come to my mind at this moment who were very active during those days (1950s – 1960s) include: Comrade Barkat Ali Azad, a leftist, Congress sympathizer from Jacobabad, Comrade Jamaluddin Bukhari from Larkana, who was the champion of earlier Indian communist movement and whose Hindu wife Kanta was always grumbling, Maulvi Nazir Hussain Hyderi, a peasant leader also from Larkana, who always used to taunt mullahs in public in very harsh and abusive language, Comrade Baqir Sanai from Sann who used to criticize the Communist Party and G. M. Syed because of Satabo Shah, a relative of G. M. Syed, who treated peasants very ruthlessly, Comrade Luqman from Chambar, Comrade Hyder Bux Jatoi and party workers used to go every year to his village on his death anniversary and a great brave peasant woman Mai Bakhtawar from Tharparkar who gave her life defending her share of the crop at the ‘Dero’. There are many other unknown heroes who fought bravely with the tyrant old system.
Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, former PM of Pakistan

During his lifetime, Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Laghari was not an unknown person. He was a famous hari leader. He worked very hard not only in Tharparkar District but also in every corner of Sindh wherever injustice had been done to peasants. He gave tough time to the landlords, settlers and police. He was next to Comrade Hyder Bux Jatoi in the Hari (peasants) movement. The peasant leaders and workers at that time were mostly leftists and nationalists; sometimes they fought with the party on the national question. Likewise Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Laghari also was with the party but he differed on national question. Same was the position of Comrade H. B. Jatoi. The party always used to say for those leaders to its rank and file that comrade, ‘ye aage nahin chal sakega (in future he can not be our comrade). The Communist Party sometimes used Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Laghari to put pressure on Comrade H. B. Jatoi.
Famous progressive Bengali leader, Maulana Abdul Hamid Bhashani

Hari leaders and workers at times broke with the Party, and Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Laghari also did the same but his contribution is so great in the peasant and the national and democratic movement of Sindh. He went to jail many times for longer periods for fighting for the rights of the peasants & downtrodden people. He also used to contest elections from his constituency & always gave tough time to feudal lords from the area. He also worked with leaders like Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy and Maulana Abdul Hamid Bhashani. For his livelihood he had a printing press with the name of Sachai Press in Mirpurkhas, Sindh. He used to bring out a periodical with the name of “Sachai” (Truth) too.

Living with ideological enemies: It is very difficult to live with an ideological enemy in one compound especially when there is just no way to avoid or escape him. And what do you do if that ‘ideological enemy’ is Rasool Bux Palijo who is always eager to pinch you with sharp and dreadful remarks? When we were in jail together (1968), as I mentioned in my previous note, R. B. Palijo came with the idea on 17th January to celebrate G. M. Syed’s Birth Day! I thought it was his ploy to criticize and condemn us (CP) on the national question. Palijo arranged a birthday cake and some refreshments for the day. We all sat together including two muhajir comrades and paid rich tributes to Saaeen G. M. Syed.

When my turn came to speak, I compared Syed with other historical personalities like Dr. Sun Yat Sen, (Chinese nationalist leader, who played a great role in 1911 Chinese nationalist revolution, which overthrew the Qing dynasty in China), Jawahar Lal Nehru and Khan Ghaffar Khan. When Palijo’s turn came, he brutally attacked my comparison of Syed with those leaders and said, 'Syed is far above than these leaders. Mir has tried to minimize G. M. Syed’s stature and his role.' In rhetorical manner, he continued: ‘G. M. Syed is equivalent to Marx, Lenin and Mao’. He said: ‘these people don’t know how great G. M. Syed is'. I was flabbergasted by Palijo’s remarks. We knew how Palijo used Syed's personality for his own narrow political interests. He himself knew very well the place of Syed. But, alas, that has been Palijo’s style all along.
Rasool Bux Palijo

R. B. Palijo’s political ideology: For political purposes, Palijo used Mao Tse-Tung whose little red book was compulsory for every Chinese to carry during the cultural revolution (1966 to 1976) otherwise one will be labeled as counter revolutionary or an agent of the enemy. Thousands of people were persecuted especially the writers, intellectuals and middle class people. They were ruthlessly taken from their homes in the cities and were uprooted and sent to far-flung rural areas. They were humiliated under the guidance of the so-called vigilant party committees and people were forced to confess that they were anti-party and reactionary to bring them to shame in the public. Same thing was practiced in the Soviet Union during the Stalin period. They called it ‘The Great Purge’ to purify the party and the society.

Mikhail Gorbachev
Palijo found it easy to convince his workers through this sacred red book that all are enemies except his party people and that he can expel any leader or worker in the name of the great cause or the party. The same practice was common in our party too. It was actually a common practice in 3rd. world countries. Therefore almost all parties were divided in many groups and during that period Euro Communism emerged. The Western European parties denounced the Soviet system of one party rule and the dictatorship of the proletariat and the concept of democratic socialism and multi-party system emerged. New ideas emerged in 1980s in the Soviet Union too. They were called Glasnost and Perestroika (openness and restructuring) and M. Gorbachev declared a famous quote for the liberals that 'Man is above the Ideology, the ideology is not above the man'. Those who are still Marxists and glorify the former USSR, consider Gorbachev the traitor and the one who brought down the grand empire of the UNION OF THE SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC.

Palijo brought Mao's thoughts to his workers and Sindhi peasants and mixed it with Sindhi nationalism and formulated the idea of a Chinese model revolution in Sindh and repeatedly told his innocent workers the famous quote of Mao that "all political power comes from the barrel of the gun". But Mao's revolution was typical Chinese revolution. Mao didn't copy the Russian model and he was against Russia. Both the communist powers even went to a war in 1969 over some piece of land along one of the longest international borders between the two countries although they both believed in the ideology that in future states will wither away and only universal communism will prevail. More funny thing is that it was America, the big capitalist enemy, who stopped Russians from attacking Chinese nuclear installations and Russians backed off (US journalist Harrison Salisbury reported that Soviet sources implied a possible first strike against the Lop Nur basin nuclear test site; and military documents of the time indicate that the USSR had more nuclear-attack plans against China than against the US. The United States warned the USSR against launching a nuclear strike against China. WIKI). Mao didn’t use even Marx very much. He brought the revolution in his own way as he convinced Chinese people how to fulfill difficult task through this old Chinese saying, 'The foolish old man who moves the mountain'.
Mao ZeDong (Mao Tse-tung)
Something about the inmates: The situation inside the jail is pathetic and hopeless for hundreds of inmates, especially for the ones who are booked for criminal offenses. All are not equal inside the prison; poor prisoners suffer much more than the influential ones. The authorities humiliate them and put them to hard work even in the scorching heat. Sometimes they collapse from the sunstroke and are taken to the hospitals. There are four categories of prisoners:

1. The most hardened or habitual criminals who have been to jail several times or the ones who are booked for murder. They are put into Karo Chakar (Black ward). Some of them damn care how much punishment they get.

2. The ones who have been to jail for the first time. They are kept in Achho Chakar (white ward).

3. Under Trial prisoners.

4. Death warrant prisoners: the prisoners who have been handed over death punishment.
Interestingly some hardened criminals feel comfortable inside the jail. They have been in the jail for more time then they have lived outside the jail. They have nowhere else to go and with time, they establish good relations with jail authorities. Sometimes, some inmates fight with authorities while some are informers who spy on other fellow prisoners. Some inmates bribe the jail staff, then they are allowed to cook their food separate in the barracks otherwise it is illegal to cook inside the barracks. The food in the jail is HORRIBLE! It gives stomach trouble to fresh inmates like us. According to the law and the jail manuals, the government is to provide appropriate ration to the jails but it never reaches the inmates. Corruption is very high among the jail staff. We have also tasted that food. Not this time but during martial law period, when authorities were very strict not to give any facility to political prisoners. We had to wear jail clothes and eat jail food. No outside meals were allowed nor any contact with the outside world.

In the jail, morning starts with the ringing of a bell. Head Barrack Maqadum (A fellow prisoner assigned by the jail staff to be a watch man who keeps an eye on other prisoners) shouts loudly ‘get up all prisoners! Wake up!’ Soon, unwillingly, all prisoners sit down in pairs with their heads down. A sepoy will count them to match the figures from the last evening’s counting. Then prisoners wash up and go one by one, to the toilets, which are very dirty.  After that, they get piece of bread and tea. Bread gives the feeling of chewing sand in one’s mouth. The tea is more like sweet gutter water. But influential inmates make their own tea and cook some food though it is against the jail rules. Then everybody goes to work except ‘Dadas’ and moneyed people. Some go to factory; some do gardening; some to laundry and few to work at jail staff’s homes. Educated prisoners are called Munshis. They teach prisoners, do office work at jail office or at jail hospital.

Next installment: In next episode you will read the remaining account of the hidden world of the criminal prisoners. You may feel sorry for them though they are criminals with long jail sentences. You will also know about a visit to the gallows where prisoners are hanged till death, and to the death ward where prisoners are waiting for their death sentences to be carried. This is the place where Baloch leader Noroz Khan died in the jail and his son and other Balochs were hanged for fighting for their national rights during Ayub Khan's military operation in early 60s.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Attack on GHQ & Now On PNS Mehran: Alas, No One Sees the Writing On the Wall!

Attack on PNS Mehran: A Comment
PNS Mehran under attack: pic, courtesy Dawn

'Deep State', aka the 'Pakistani military establishment', created two monsters, one in the North & the other in the South to serve its twin objectives of achieving 'strategic depth' in Afghanistan and to fight the democratic & progressive forces in the country. The creators will never fight their creation as they need them for their well-known objectives but what about the people? 

Even the masses still have soft corner for the two! One of them is engaged in an open war on the state and the people while the other is engaged only in 'exercises' and 'target practice' for now testing weapons & keeping the personnel fighting fit! Wait for the day when the second monster would declare an open war from the South. Look forward to nothing else but death, destruction, murder & mayhem.

And remember, the responsibility for the eventual catastrophe will not lie only on the shoulders of the so-called military establishment. All the citizens will be equally responsible for their timidity and their silence. They are accomplices in all this.
PNS Mehran under attack: pic, courtesy Dawn

Death of ObL, Nightmare for Pakistan: AQ Khan Under Threats; Army Chief Suggests to Nawaz Not to Demand Resignations; ISI Chief Surrenders to Parliament But His Tone Remains Unchanged?

Nawaz’s Bid to Mend Fences With US? Pak-US Agreement on Joint Operation for High Value Targets in Future?
By Aijaz Ahmed
Islamabad:  Developments are taking place at a fast pace ever since Osama bin Laden was killed in a limited operation by US Navy SEALs in Abbottabad, 60 miles north of the federal capital, Islamabad.

The life of the most wanted man on earth was dangerous for peace and stability in Pakistan, but his death has become a nightmare for Pakistan, that puts the very fiber of the society at stake and integrity of the country in danger. The “Ghairat” (honor) brigade of media is very active as it is trying to bring the democratic dispensation under pressure on one hand and point its guns towards the security institutions on the other hand.

The debate sparked by the May 2 operation focused on Pakistan’s national sovereignty, but nobody amongst the hawks were ready to accept the fact that although the US action was undoubtedly a clear breach of the national sovereignty, the presence of ObL on Pakistani soil, especially in a garrison city like Abbottabad had equally subverted the national sovereignty and undermined our security framework.

However, the debate brought some positive changes and a bit of success for Pakistan, thanks to the civilian leadership from different parliamentary parties. The sources in power corridors have confided that the way the civilian leadership has played was actual reason for US to respond to the concerns expressed by Pakistan.

According to some sources, the president was actual force behind the move; he played in a way that finally brought everything towards him for a final settlement, thus for the time being civilian supremacy is accepted by worthy military establishment and that the whole elected political lot including Mian Nawaz Sharif provided him an opportunity to strengthen the civilian rule and also a moral authority in the present unpleasant situation.
Us Senator Kerry meeting president Zardari. PM, Interior Minister, COAS & US ambassador also seen in the picture.
Sources in the presidency say that during the luncheon meeting with US Senator and Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of US Senate, also attended by PM Gilani and COAS General Kayani, president remained very reserve. According to the prepared plan he along with PM Gilani and Army Chief General Kayani met with the US representative with an expression less face, which is very unusual. Except for the photo session, he or anybody else from Pakistan side did not smile even for a single time and kept the talks focused around the resolution unanimously passed by in-camera joint sitting of the parliament held on the night between 13th and 14th May.

The tough and strong arguments regarding the global view about attitude of Pakistan and its agencies and presence of Osama in a city like Abbottabad were exchanged, but the US senator had to agree on certain Pakistani conditions. The joint communiqué issued simultaneously by the Government and the US Embassy was prepared with the consent of Senator Kerry who himself gave go-ahead to the final draft of the declaration.

The joint declaration cited an agreement on joint operations in future if such a situation arises. But the hidden part of the meeting and agreement, which was not published for the media in the declaration, suggests that military and intelligence cooperation will follow some rules and will remain within some limits. For each case the ToRs of cooperation and responsibilities will be prepared in written shape in future, the IH reliability learnt.

Both the parties have agreed to reduce number of US defense personnel from existing more than 120 to 40. They also agreed to reduce CIA operatives in Pakistan according to the list prepared by the recent corps commanders conference and was handed over to CIA Station Chief in Islamabad, sources further confided.

The all three pillars were on the same page even before Senator Kerry arrived, sources in the power corridors confided. The US might not be sincere with Pakistan even after the recent agreement but Secretary of State Clinton’s call to president Zardari at the time when Kerry was meeting the COAS and later to the PM when he concluded his meeting with Kerry indicates that the US feared that loosing Pakistan may also be tantamount to loosing Afghanistan and putting 130,000 US soldiers in Afghanistan at stake especially in view of the recent attack by Taliban with an improvised device on British soldiers, and thus Pakistan took advantage of this psychological barrier, sources maintained.

On the other hand, the internal situation is still undergoing rapid changes, although all parties in the parliament along with PMLN willingly or unwillingly provided invisible support to the government, and situation is bit eased up for the civilians at the helm of the affairs, but still threats to system and civil military relations are at stake. Policy makers and the security agencies still fear that the US will not digest the strong reaction by Pakistan and will make another attempt to subvert Pakistan’s sovereignty. This time the target could be Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, father of the nuclear program.   
Pakistani scientist, A. Qadeer Khan

The government is being constantly apprised by the security apparatus that the security threats for Dr. AQ Khan are at peak, the house around AQ Khans’ residence has been hired by foreigners and they can harm or abduct him for their gains, sources maintained.

The security of AQ Khan is being beefed up, but the future of civil military relations remains a million dollar question as the country is passing through the post Kargil like situation when Mian Nawaz Sharif was sent to Washington to cover up the blunder committed by General Musharraf and his cronies, sources confided.

The indications for the very fact were witnessed during the recent joint parliamentary sitting, which lasted for more than 10 hours. Indeed the military leadership admitted its failure, but the briefing given to the sitting was not very significant, says Syed Zafar Ali Shah, a PML-N hawk. Although general Pasha surrendered before the parliament, it was for the sake of their institution, and not for the supremacy of the civilian rule, he added. The attitude of the uniformed top brass was rather contemptuous towards the elected representatives of the country, sources said adding that it was evident from the tone of the soldiers and the response they given to the elected representatives who asked tough questions or pointed out political hobnobbing by the agencies.

The tone was harsh and not like that of a person wanting to admit his mistakes, said Zafar Ali Shah. He however, was silent on the question that why PML-N did not ask for certain resignations over the Abbottabad incident. Sources closed to Mian Nawaz Sharif on the other hand answered this question. The close circles of Mian Nawaz Sharif have confided that the Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani had a one on one meeting with Mian Nawaz Sharif on May 9th at his residence in Murree. The said meting took place on the first day of PML-N central leadership’s meeting in Islamabad when Mian Sb asked his party men to demand for the resignation of military top brass.

PML-N sources are of the view that Mian Sb was to demand resignations during his next day press briefing, and some how this was conveyed to the Army leadership that created bit of worry in Rawalpindi, thus the COAS rushed himself to his Murree residence and requested him not to do so. Mian Sb, according to the sources while accepting the suggestion, changed his words, but kept very harsh tone. This was also indicated in 15th May media briefing when he demanded agencies budget and expenditure to be presented in the parliament.

The said statement was delivered short after his meeting with US Ambassador Cameron Munter, thus created an impression that he is trying to mend fences with US to once again coming in the good books, but in present situation it will reflect negatively for his politics in his strong hold of central Punjab.

On the other hand, some more information has been revealed regarding ObL investigations through the record recovered from his residence in Abbottabad, and sources said that the issue is being raised with the US authorities, as the same record is also available with them.

The intelligence communiqué sent to the PM House and presidency shows initial investigation results. The agencies in the initial report have claimed that a large quantity of drugs having tags of “Dawa Khana” famous clinic of Hyderabad (India) owned by Hakim Nasir Hyderabadi was recovered from the ObL compound. This shows that he was under treatment of the said quake.

The report also revealed that apart from Passports of his wives, letters and telephone numbers of certain Indians having reported links with ObL’s network were also recovered. The letters reveal that he was in constant touch with not only Hakim Nasir but also was in touch with Madan Lal Kohli, Praveen Kumar Advani and others.

The facts are still to be ascertained, but may be substantiated with the recent claims of Western media indicating some Indian connection being used for money transaction by ObL and Al-Qaeda. Report further reveals that a box of mobile SIMs was also recovered from ObL’s bedroom and these SIMs were used for making contact with these and other people around the globe. The letters, according to the report were sent to some other address and then taken to ObL’s house; thus the address of the house in which ObL was killed was not mentioned.

Madan Lal is a trader of onions and also supplies food items to Indian Consulate at Kandhar, Afghanistan, thus suspected of having links with intelligence agencies as well. The letters and the record also indicate that ObL also had contacts with Afghan Taliban and also with some other factions of Taliban elsewhere including Pakistan. About Mr. Advani report does not say much except that he is an Afghan business Tycoon having links and business with India.

It is also indicated in the report that shortly after the operation, security in Abbottabad was beefed up. During the house-to-house search in the area it was revealed that residents of another nearby house have disappeared. No clue about the missing residents of nearby house was indicated, but it is suspected that they were also working as messenger for ObL. It is also reported to the government that three persons were arrested from the same and nearby localities in Abbottabad last year. Record of All hotels of Abbottabad and Nathia Gali is also taken into possession to ascertain whereabouts and background of the foreigners who resided there during last five years.

Closing Note:  Meetings of Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador at Washington with Military and civilian leadership are about to produce productive and positive results for him. Although he was in town in relation to Senator Kerry’s visit, he had meetings with military top brass and Agency chiefs and apparently succeeded to restore their confidence and thus is expected to complete his present extension in tenure as ambassador, sources maintained.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taliban Threatens to Blow Up Osama Residence in Abbotabad

By Aijaz Ahmed
Islamabad: The unusual house that Osama bin Laden used as his hideout just a stone’s throw from Pakistan’s premium Military Academy Kakul is said to be under serious threats, thus the authorities have beefed up security of the building and the adjacent locality, sources in the security forces have revealed.

The huge mansion has gained great interest since May 02, when US Navy SEALs conducted a limited operation killing Osama bin Laden without any significant resistance.

Ever since the operation, his residence became a place that attracts people in general and journalists and intelligence officials in Particular to visit. Intelligence people are visiting with full confidence and protocol and recovering letters and other evidence papers and items from the residence to be used in future, but unlike the spies, journalists were not fortunate enough as only few media men were allowed to enter the concrete building after few hours of the operation, but later the house was sealed.

Nobody even the foreign or the American journalists are being allowed to enter the house and witness the particles and items recovered from the building. Despite the ban on entering the house, the journalists were allowed till last week to approach the sealed gates, but the policy is turned overnight and nobody except the uniformed or plain clothed security officials are being allowed to go beyond 500 meters around the house.

Even renowned journalist and Waiting for Allah fame Christina Lamb was also stopped 500 meters away from the building and was sent back forcefully to Islamabad. Earlier three American journalists were captured and investigated for more than three hours, but it is not yet cleared that they have been released or are still in custody.

The security arrangements and reinforced and even foreign journalists are being interrogated in view of the latest threats by Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. The TTP has recently threatened that it will blow up Osama’s residence, sources in the security forces revealed and added that the threat was given in view of the fact that the house has attracted wider debate in the global as well national media, thus becoming a source of trouble for the Al-Qaeda followers.

It is also revealed that the debate on the house and the details of ObL’s capture and murder and arrest of his family has had negative impacts on the ranks and files of Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and they also feared that the house may take a role of a tomb like of Hazrat Imam Hussain RA & other religious figures and this could be lethal for the Taliban philosophy as they do not believe in the tomb politics and such rituals, sources revealed.

It is to remind that the Pak army had already announced demolishing the house once the investigations are completed, but according to the sources that the decision may be changed due to certain ground realities. However any final decision may take some time as the investigators are recovering amazing facts and still need the structure to remain intact.

Sources also maintain that the house may not be demolished in near future as it may provide leads towards AL-Qaeda and other terrorist outfits, sources observed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Contempt for America & love for Taliban: a lose, lose proposition!

A comment:
Why do many people in Pakistan (& of course "Muslim Ummah") hate America? It is not mainly because US supports military dictators or kings & Emirs in the "Muslim Ummah" or for the "American imperialism". It is mostly because of American "policies" towards "Muslim Ummah", its support for Israel vis-a-vis Palestine, its invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan & subversion of Pakistan's sovereignty.

But if Pakistanis really care for their sovereignty, then why don't they object to the blatant interference by Saudi Arabia, Iran & various Emirates in Pakistani affairs & the intrusion by foreign warriors who use Pakistani soil to carry on their Jihad? 

We see so many people killed & maimed in Pakistan so frequently by the Taliban. They use Pakistani soil to plan attacks around the globe & harbor terrorists in Pakistan. Why many people in Pakistan still express love for such barbaric killers? What message Pakistanis send to the world? The two don't just add up nor do they envisage a win win situation for Pakistan.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gross Financial Irregularity in Punjab: Funds Allocated for Clean Drinking Water Project Diverted to “Sasti Roti” Project

Punjab Government Suggests Closure of the Foreign Funded Program
By: Aijaz Ahmed
Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif presiding over a meeting
Corruption and financial irregularities don’t seem to be limited to an individual or a single political party in Pakistan. One very often hears about the fabled corruption of the president of Pakistan and co-chairperson of PPP and also about the gross irregularities, mismanagement and corruption in the federal government. The accusers among others include the PML-N leaders who claim running a very clean government in the Punjab, the largest province in Pakistan. But as this report suggests their hands are not as clean either. They have engaged in financial irregularities and also seem to be playing gimmicks for short-term political gains at the cost of the welfare of the common men. 

The much-hyped clean government of the iron man # 2, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has been involved in certain gross financial irregularities, which have been strongly defended by party stalwarts with politics of counter allegations against their opponents.

In one instance, the provincial government tried to replace the federal governments’ initiative of financial support through Benazir Income Support Program with its own food stamp program, which proved a big failure. “Sasta Ramzan Bazar” (Cheap Ramzaan Bazaar) was another example of political gimmicks. During that program, large numbers of people would come to the distribution centers to get cheap wheat flour even in the posh localities of the major cities of Punjab. Several innocent people lost their lives in the stampedes caused due to the mismanagement by the authorities.

The Punjab government also redirected development funds allocated for the Southern Punjab towards such schemes having no real impact or benefit for the common men. The State Bank figures indicated that more than 70% of the development funds for Siraiki region were shifted to these programs. The “Sasti Roti” (Cheap Bread) Scheme also received severe criticism from across the country on this account.

The PML-N leadership blamed the federal government for the failure of the “Sasti Roti” Scheme. It became a major source of tension between the provincial government and the former Governor late Salman Taseer.

The scheme ate up a sum of 38 billion rupees in total, and according to the provincial government sources, major spending came from the projects initiated either by the federal government itself or through foreign funding. The Punjab government finally scrapped the Sasti Roti scheme after the Rs7.85 billion-loan debt accrued from commercial banks was left unpaid by the food department owing to non-provision of funds earmarked in the financial years 2009-10 and 2010-11.

Funds redirected towards the scheme included the amount allocated for a CDWA funded project of “Clean Drinking Water for All”. The Punjab government after paying initial mobilization amount to the contractor at district level redirected the remaining funds to the failed scheme. The funds released by the federal government amounted Rs. 1,961 million. However, only 285 safe and clean drinking water pumps were installed and no further payment was made to the contractor.

The amount was said to be redirected to take political mileage as the short sighted leadership considered the clean drinking water as a complete wastage or a source for political gain for the government in center. Thus, the provincial government instead of taking responsibility for the failure has asked the government through its project director to close the project.

In the letter sent through the planning division the provincial government has suggested that due to the shortage of funds it is impossible to implement the project in time, while the execution and completion dates have already passed.

Contrarily, the planning division in its summary sent to the Prime Minister House has started playing its own game. The summary reads as:
Subject:            Clean Drinking Water – A Golden Opportunity.

Pakistan is currently spending around PKR 50-60 Billion annually on its health bill. In a recent study carried out by UNICEF, it was determined that almost 20-40 % of hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from Water Borne Diseases e.g. diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, polio, hepatitis A and E. It is estimated that over 230,000 children die a year because of diarrhea and typhoid.

The World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002 set its plan of action for implementation of the Millennium Development Goals as under:
Halve by 2015 the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water”

“Safeguard human health, including reduction in the mortality rate (associated with lack of access to safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene), by improving the quality of drinking water”

For the pilot phase, the project on “Clean Drinking Water Initiative” was approved and about Rs. 1.0 billion has been spent on it with installation of 406 water filtration plants of 2000/4000 liters/hour capacity in all Districts/Tehsil Headquarters of Pakistan including AJK/ GB and FATA.

The 2nd phase of the Project was named “Clean Drinking Water for All” (CDWA) project. It was planned to install 6626 water filtration plants of (2000/ 4000 liters/ hour); one in each Union Council of Pakistan.

Revised PC-1 was approved by ECNEC in November 2007 for Rs. 15,843 million.
The contracts of Sindh, Balochistan and KPK were signed in 2007, while the contracts of Punjab, AJK & ICT packets for UF plants and RO for Punjab packets were signed on 30th June 2009.

Total funds transferred by Federal Govt. to the Provinces/Regions on CDWA project is about Rs. 7 billion.

So far, the project has achieved substantial completion only in Balochistan, with 406 plants installed out of a total of 409 plants. In all the remaining provinces the project is incomplete due to several reasons and only about 1203 water filtration plants have been installed all over the country.

The worst situation is in Punjab, where out of 2895 plants only 285 have been installed although the contract was signed on 30th June 2009, with a completion period of 9 months.
Federal Govt. transferred Rs. 3,771 million to Punjab Govt. out of which it paid Rs. 1,810 million as first mobilization advance to the contactors. Thus Govt. of Punjab has Rs. 1,961 million funds remaining with them, out of which it has a contractual liability to pay 2nd mobilization advance and payments against work executed.

The Govt. of Punjab, in not making any further payments after the 1st mobilization advance, caused the work to be suspended. Now after devolution of the Projects to the provinces, Punjab Govt. is considering capping the project. However, doing so will most likely lead to litigation initiated by the contractors.

It is opined that in a bid to drive political mileage for PML (N), the Govt. of Punjab has diverted the funds to its “Sasti Roti” program, as it wants to project PML (N) as the only political party that wishes well for the poor.

The Govt. of Punjab considers that the CDWA Project being a Federal initiative, and having far-reaching positive results for the masses across the country, would not help PML (N) in its “popularity” drive. Hence the Govt. of Punjab is basically aiming at blocking the Federal Govt. from gaining the perceived appreciation.


Federalization of CDWA Project and Federal Govt. to become its Employer instead of Provincial Govt. and Federal PMU to administer the project execution.

The Govt. of Punjab may be asked to refund Rs. 1,961 million back to the Federal Govt. For further execution of the remaining project, necessary funds may be arranged under Shaheed Benazir Income Support / Welfare Programme.

If any other Province also decides to close this project then in national interest the Federal Govt. may also takeover it under the above mentioned programme.

The PPP parliamentarians at the Federal and Provincial levels to coordinate for the installation of the plants at the same locations as given under the contract, to prevent any conflict with the local administration.

According to the contract, Operation and Maintenance is the responsibility of the contractors for 3 years, thereby ensuring the initial success of the project’s execution. For onward execution, an arrangement to either lease out the plants to the same contractors for a further period as agreed, or to bring in fresh O&M contracting firms through a tendering process is proposed.

In this arrangement, the government would not have to bear any cost as the leasing arrangement would involve selling of treated water to the masses by the contractor. This would be done at extremely affordable prices e.g. Rs 0.50/liter for sweet water and Rs. 1.00 per liter for brackish water, while covering the operational costs.

In a nutshell, this program is focused at the basic need of providing clean drinking water to the masses and hence is strong social sector uplift and a means for Pakistan to fulfill its international obligations under the MDGs.”

However, the commission fails to understand the fall out of the decision in the changing political scenario that may lead towards political animosity between rival PPP and PML-N, which are at two poles apart at the moment. Federal government is yet to decide about the project, however, closure of the project will be difficult one for it as it will squeeze further its chances to rebuild already damaged reputation in the global financial market.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mystery Still Surrounds the Death of Terrorism Mastermind: Hard Days Ahead for Pakistan; Security Establishment Under Strong Attack; Civil Government Comes to Its Rescue; Osamas’ Wife Shifted to Rawalpindi for Treatment; Daughters Are Under Protective Custody, But Where?

By Aijaz Ahmed:
President Obama and his security team watching the operation in real time from the White House
Islamabad: The news of  the ‘Operation Get Osama’ and the death of the terrorist mastermind and chief of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden has sent tremors throughout the country. Islamabad, the calm and quite capital of Pakistan, seems under a complete shock with mystifying meetings, phone calls and tight lips of the top brass, making the situation more difficult & incomprehensible for the observers and diplomatic commentators.
The operation was not a small incident; it was admittedly the biggest development of international importance since 9/11 terrorist attack when twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York were smashed by hijacked jet planes reportedly controlled by Al-Qaeda operatives.

Despite the global implications of the bombshell news, and the ensuing debate at all levels in and outside Pakistan, dilemma of the Pakistani media is the fact that although the operation took place on Pakistani soil, even the minor details of the action, and how the world’s most wanted man was spotted are coming from Washington through US media. 'We are getting the only truth that the United States wants to reveal', said local journalists gathered to cover tri-lateral meeting between Pakistan, Afghanistan and United States.

The only success the Pakistani media achieved during last twenty-four hours was the address of the owner of the mansion like house that Osama was using as his hideout. Both Arshad and his brother Tariq are supposed to be either killed or arrested, but no one except the US security establishment is in a position to reveal their whereabouts.
US Counterterrorism adviser John Brennan: "The minutes passed like days"
 As our readers would be fully aware, Indus Herald has already disclosed most of the information on the operation in its detailed story yesterday. Further details available to us suggest that the two daughters of OBL received some injuries, along with few other members of the family and some guards. Sources have disclosed that initially they received medical aid at Ayub Medical Complex, Abbottabad. The local hospital was completely sealed and no single civilian individual was even allowed to enter during the first part of the day, but later they were shifted to some unknown place due to security concerns, sources confided. The decision was solely taken because of the fears of backlash as information was reportedly leaked to terrorist outfits.

It is also believed that the woman used as human shield and killed was a family member of Arshad and Tariq, and she was not wife of OBL. The second lady who received injuries on left leg has been shifted to Rawalpindi for further investigations and is with Pakistani security agencies, the sources claimed. Passport of the said lady has also been recovered along with damaged computers and a laptop and few light weapons. 

The passport details indicate her name as Amal Ahmed bint e Abdul-Fatah, besides her credentials according to which she is wife of OBL and was born on 27th March 1982. But nobody knows how serious her injuries are and what her condition is now, but it is believed that she is out of danger. It is also said that Ibrahim, son of OBL was among those who were killed in the operation conducted by 79 US Navy SEALs who arrived in four helicopters from Jalalabad. Another lady, supposedly a doctor of Pakistani origin is also injured and arrested in the operation.

Media has also reported about the will of OBL. According to the reported will, OBL has asked his children not to join Al-Qaeda and advised all wives not to marry again.

As far as keeping Pakistan in complete dark about the operation is concerned, it is confirmed that leads were actually provided by Pakistan. It intercepted a telephonic call last year as reported by IH. It is also reconfirmed by the sources that a cover was also provided by Pakistani commandos, but defense sources believe that the secrecy was maintained in the operation proceedings and nobody knew about what is going on and who the Navy SEALs are hunting for. The CIA Chief also indicated that the secrecy was maintained because of the fear that OBL will be tipped off if the intelligence is shared with Pakistan. The US embassy sources while confirming it quoted at least five incidents in the recent past when the shared information was leaked at lower level and the target succeeded to escape.

Meanwhile, a debate regarding the security of the nuclear assets and the performance security apparatus has started in the media. Everybody participating in the debate fears that even India can attack and Pakistan’s defense system may not be able to respond in such a case. “How can I trust such security establishment and intelligence agencies who do not know that such a high value target is residing under its nose” said Nazir Naji, leading columnist and added that how would they be able to protect Pakistan’s nuclear program.

The security establishment is still feeling the aftershocks. The COAS General Kayani hurriedly called off his scheduled Brussels visit and sources confided that the military leadership is amazed at the pressure being exerted by the local media supposedly controlled by the security establishment. Not all but certain anchors of leading TV Channels reportedly having links with one or the other agency are busy in the debate against security establishment that may lead towards worsening relations between the two leading spy agencies, sources believe. According to sources, General Kayani and General Pasha, the ISI head had another meeting with President Zardari and PM Gilani, before PM’s departure to France.

The civilian leadership is said to have expressed dismay over the situation arising from the operation.  However, the policy of maintaining complete silence was drawn with the consultation of Military and civilian leadership, but demand for complete truth is getting stronger with every passing hour. The military leadership after Kargil once again seems to be on the back foot as compared to the civilian leadership as nobody is ready to trust them any more under the current circumstances or without a credible briefing by the ISPR with complete details on the issue.

Meanwhile, on the clear directives of President Zardari, Foreign Office has issued a jointly prepared statement with some strong words to control the damage done so far, but the hawkish media doesn't seem to be satisfied. The statement issued by the government through FO states:
·        The Government of Pakistan recognizes that the death of Osama bin Ladin is an important milestone in fight against terrorism and that the Government of Pakistan and its state institutions have been making serious efforts to bring him to justice.

·        However, the Government of Pakistan categorically denies the media reports suggesting that its leadership, civil as well as military, had any prior knowledge of the US operation against Osama bin Ladin carried out in the early hours of 2nd May 2011.

·        Abbottabad and the surrounding areas have been under sharp focus of intelligence agencies since 2003 resulting in highly technical operation by ISI, which led to the arrest of high value Al Qaeda target in 2004. As far as the target compound is concerned, ISI had been sharing information with CIA and other friendly intelligence agencies since 2009. The intelligence flow indicating some foreigners in the surroundings of Abbottabad continued till mid April 2011.   It is important to highlight that taking advantage of much superior technological assets, CIA exploited the intelligence leads given by us to identify and reach Osama bin Ladin, a fact also acknowledged by the US President and Secretary of State, in their statements. It is also important to mention that CIA and some other friendly intelligence agencies have benefited a great deal from the intelligence provided by ISI. ISI’s own achievements against Al Qaeda and in War on Terror are more than any other intelligence agency in the World.

·        Reports about US helicopters taking off from Ghazi Airbase are absolutely false and incorrect. Neither any base or facility inside Pakistan was used by the US Forces, nor Pakistan Army provided any operational or logistic assistance to these operations conducted by the US Forces.  US helicopters entered Pakistani airspace making use of blind spots in the radar coverage due to hilly terrain. US helicopters’ undetected flight into Pakistan was also facilitated by the mountainous terrain, efficacious use of latest technology and ‘nap of the earth’ flying techniques. It may not be realistic to draw an analogy between this undefended civilian area and some military / security installations which have elaborate local defense arrangements.

·        On receipt of information regarding the incident, PAF scrambled its jets within minutes. This has been corroborated by the White House Advisor Mr. John Brennan who while replying to a question said, “We didn’t contact the Pakistanis until after all of our people, all of our aircraft were out of Pakistani airspace. At the time, the Pakistanis were reacting to an incident that they knew was taking place in Abbottabad. Therefore, they were scrambling some of their assets. Clearly, we were concerned that if the Pakistanis decided to scramble jets or whatever else, they didn’t know who were on those jets. They had no idea about who might have been on there, whether it be US or somebody else. So, we were watching and making sure that our people and our aircraft were able to get out of Pakistani airspace. And thankfully, there was no engagement with Pakistani forces. This operation was designed to minimize the prospects, the chances of engagement with Pakistani forces. It was done very well, and thankfully no Pakistani forces were engaged and there were no other individuals who were killed aside from those on the compound.”

·        There has been a lot of discussion about the nature of the targeted compound, particularly its high walls and its vicinity to the areas housing Pakistan Army elements. It needs to be appreciated that many houses occupied by the affectees of operations in FATA / KPK, have high boundary walls, in line with their culture of privacy and security. Houses with such layout and structural details are not a rarity.

·        Questions have also been asked about the whereabouts of the family members of Osama bin Ladin. They are all in safe hands and being looked after in accordance with law. Some of them needing medical care are under treatment in the best possible facilities. As per policy, they will be handed over to their countries of origin.

·        Notwithstanding the above, the Government of Pakistan expresses its deep concerns and reservations on the manner in which the Government of the United States carried out this operation without prior information or authorization from the Government of Pakistan.

·        This event of unauthorized unilateral action cannot be taken as a rule. The Government of Pakistan further affirms that such an event shall not serve as a future precedent for any state, including the US. Such actions undermine cooperation and may also sometime constitute threat to international peace and security. 

·        Pakistan, being mindful of its international obligations, has been extending full and proper cooperation on all counter terrorism efforts including exchange of information and intelligence. Pursuant to such cooperation, Pakistan had arrested several high profile terrorists.

·        The Government of Pakistan and its Armed Forces consider support of the people of Pakistan to be its mainstay and actual strength. Any actions contrary to their aspirations, therefore, run against the very basis on which the edifice of national defense and security is based. Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies have played a pivotal role in breaking the back of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in Pakistan as well as around the World. Most of the successes achieved by the US and some other friendly countries have been the result of effective intelligence cooperation and extremely useful military support by Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan and its security forces have resolved to continue their fight against terrorism till people of Pakistan can live in peace and security.

Despite such a lengthy statement by the foreign Office, it is believed that President Zardari will himself come with some damage control and will take nation into confidence in one way or the other. He according to the sources was advised to sack some of the top military and intelligence officials, but he categorically refused saying that he will not let anybody damage national security institutions.
Map of the area. Photos, courtesy internet

Monday, May 2, 2011

Death of Osama & Threats to Pakistan; US Operation Raises Questions on Country’s Security Apparatus; Top Brass Holds Somber Meetings

By Aijaz Ahmed
Courtesy: AFP
Islamabad: Foreign Office, the ISPR (Pakistan military’s press department, Inter Services Press Relations), other government spokesmen remained in a permanent state of denial whenever pressed on the question of the whereabouts of the most wanted man on the face of earth, Osama bin Laden, but he was finally caught and killed in a late-night targeted surgical operation that lasted for just 40 minutes in Abbottabad, the posh cantonment city of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province. 

The available details suggests that despite complete intelligence sharing with United States, the operation proceedings were kept strictly secret and were shared with the political leadership of the country that is paying huge sacrifices for the war on terror, even though the military leadership has always been in limelight.

I talked to many people in Abbottabad, including the journalists, and the details available suggest that the house raided last night by US commandos was just 2 kilometers away from Pakistan’s premier Kakul Military Academy. The raided house in Bilal town was at the end of the newly built colony and was a fort like structure. The house had two compound walls. The outer wall was about 18 feet high while the inner compound walls more than 7 feet high, and two separate housing structures were built inside with windows not directed towards the road.

OBL's Abbottabad compound, raided by US commandos
The house is situated at a very secure place, Kakul Military Academy is situated in the west and high hills are in East. The house had only one vehicular approach road.

As far as the security is concerned, it was completely scanned with security gadgets, security cameras, CCTV monitors, speakers phone, and the automatic electric gate, which were secure enough to stop any attempt from pedestrians to enter the compound.

But nothing could stop commandos taking Arial Route. It is said that around 25 to 30 US Commandos arrived on two helicopters, one of which was damaged and caught fire in result of the firing by OBL and his companions, thus lighted the whole area. However, after landing safely, the commandos started targeted operation. Later wreckage was left at the scene.

OBL resisted for forty minutes, and finally was shot dead along with one of his wives and three children. A 12-year-old daughter remained safe as she took refuge in upper story of the house and later was nabbed by the operating commandos and is with Americans now, the sources maintained. 

The available details through intelligence sources suggest that the operating team was fully aware even with the minor details of the house and whereabouts of OBL who was present on the second story of the double story building with his Yemeni wife and a Kuwaiti Guard along with children.

From where the helicopters took off still remains a mystery with different sources in the intelligence giving conflicting reports.  Some sources suggest that helicopters took off from Jalalabad air base in Eastern Afghanistan. The information provided by other intelligence sources suggests that the helicopters flew from Ghazi base in Tarbela area. Former chief of Pakistani premier spy agency, ISI, and once US collaborator General Hameed Gul also agreed the second opinion. Former chief spy while talking to media maintained with full conviction that the helicopters took off and went back to Ghazi Base. 
The post operation search of the house revealed that the house belonged to Some Mr. Arshad Khan s/o Naqeeb Khan, hailing from village Fas-Tungi of Charsadda District of KPK. A non-computerized Identity Card, which has been replaced with new one, has been recovered along with other papers. Number on the card was 1397743092.

The house was built in 2005. Initially it was totally isolated, later few other houses were built in the area and the intelligence sources still believed that the few surrounding houses also belonged to Bin Laden group. Eyewitness only noticed a land cruiser and another vehicle, but no individual was seen ever outside the house, neither a face was seen from the black windows of the vehicles.  

It is also believed that another wife of OBL was present in the compound and was injured with a bullet in left leg. She along with four other suspects are in American custody and are shifted somewhere in Afghanistan.
On the other hand Islamabad politically seems totally stunned that the intelligence sharing and cooperation for the operation was in place at very high level in the intelligence agencies but the political leadership was kept in complete dark. A government officer confided on the condition of anonymity that same number of Pakistani commandos provided cover to the operating US soldiers.

Truth behind the operation, and about Pak-US security cooperation could not be verified as no independent sources are available at the moment, but it is certain that political leadership’s lips are sealed. Foreign Office and ISPR are stunned, eyebrows are up and foreheads of top men in the civilian and military establishment are not straight any more.

How OBL was traced is a movie like story? Initially a satellite telephone call was traced in May 2010, from somewhere in Abbottabad, a track was kept till August last year when last call was traced, sources confided.

The intelligence sources also confirm that the Bin Laden was traced through a human courier. In fact CIA was keeping an eye on a Yemeni citizen since 2005 after some of his mysterious activities. The Courier was finally spotted in 2007, after his relationship with Al-Qaeda was established, but nobody at CIA knew that he is a man of Bin Laden himself.   

Bin Laden was not using mobile, Internet, satellite phone or any other electronic device from the compound he was staying. However, calls were being made some where from Kala Dhaka or adjacent jungle areas, but whenever a raid was conducted, nobody was found there. Few months back the man spotted by CIA was found entering the compound of Bilal Town where operation was conducted late Sunday night. However, still it was mystery that whom the man meets. But finally last week he was found walking along with Bin Laden in the compound of the house, and thus established that the host is no one else but Osama Bin Laden!

President Obama informed President Zardari about the successful operation, according to the US president and the Pakistan Foreign Office. Emergency situation emerged with the bombshell like information by President Obama. The worried president Zardari called an emergency meeting at Presidency in the early morning duly attended by Army Chief, ISI Chief, MI Chief and IB Chief, beside President, Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and other top officials.

The meeting discussed threadbare the pros and cons of the operation, and sources maintain that the consensus emerged at the meeting was about a fierce backlash by Tehrik e Taliban, Al-Qaeda and different splinter Islamist groups.

General Kayani, who visited Islamabad thrice today and Intelligence Chiefs briefed the meeting about their recent deliberations with Admiral Mullen, General Petraeus and other US Generals who visited Islamabad last week. The army Chief informed the meeting that the mistrust between the two countries and the ISI and CIA leads towards keeping the operation proceedings secret up to some extent.

United States believes that whenever any intelligence report was shared with Pakistan, it was leaked at lower level, and this was the sole reason for taking very limited support and cover and keeping the operation proceedings secret.

The meeting decided to maintain silence, except at the Foreign Office level. Only Prime Minister uttered few lines in support of the statement issued by FO. However, it is said that the ISPR is considering issuing some details of the operation with prior permission of the military leadership, but it may take few days.

In view of the extent of the backlash, security of the Army Chief, MI Chief, ISI Chief and other Military top Brass is beefed up, invisible security of the president and the Prime Minister is also increased following the intelligence reports.

On the other hand Intelligence sources revealed that an emergency meeting of Al-Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan was held in border areas of Eastern Afghanistan to discuss the situation after the death of its leader. The intelligence agencies and independent observers believe that the man targeted in Abbottabad was no more a functional head of Al-Qaeda; however he was source of finances for the outfit. Intelligence sources are indicating fierce backlash despite the fact that he was not active nowadays and more vigorously and strongly by Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. The later in a latest video message has threatened more attacks inside Pakistan. “Pakistan is our enemy number one”, says spokesman of TTP in his latest message, adding that “we will refresh our war with the already terrorism hit country”. The TTP also threatened to target top Pakistani leadership including President, PM, and others and the military leadership.

The worrisome aspect of the operation lies in the fact that the most wanted man was living just two kilometers away from the Military Academy, and no intelligence agency was aware of it. This raises serious questions regarding the capabilities of our agencies.

The post operation scenario according to the observers is very serious. It is now a proven fact that stories of Bin Laden’s presence in Shagai area of South Waziristan, Shwal’s Jungle of North Waziristan, Kunhar, and Chitral are correct and true. He according to the sources arrived in Abbottabad from Chitral through Bisham and Kohistan.

Observers like Nazir Naji, Najam Sethi, Dr. Riffat Hussain and General Talat Masud have expressed fear that US will now increase pressure on Pakistan regarding presence of Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mullah Umar and other Taliban and Al-Qaeda high value targets, and Pakistan will not be in a position to say no to the demands.

It is disclosed that some of the elements in the US establishment have already started raising questions regarding the Quetta Shura, thus a threat of physical military boots on Pakistani soil has increased. Same demand and attitude is also feared to be raised by India.

Intelligence sources also confided that two of the top Al-Qaeda operatives including a Bali (Indonesia) bombing suspects were recently nabbed from Abbottabad. This according to intelligence sources indicates that Abbottabad and Faisalabad, because of the nature of the two cities, are being used as safe heaven by Al-Qaeda operatives, and this was the reason for many arrests from both cities. 

Sources on the other hand reveal that the military leadership is not happy with the news aired by some of the channels regarding radar jamming during the operation. The leaked information may endanger security of the nuclear assets, said sources adding that the airing such news items display impression that anybody having such technology may harm our nuclear safety any time.

Whatever the situation may be, the government and Pakistan are in very hot waters, and threats will be increased for Pakistan in the days to come, and trust of the Pakistani intelligence agencies will also be reduced, according to the independent observers.