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Sunday, August 7, 2011

PPP-MQM Deal On LG System: Two Laws Introduced In The Province

These are my comments today on facebook on the PPP-MQM deal on the Local Government system that effectively divides the province in two. It is a dangerous step that will bring further trouble to the strife-torn province. Comments generated a widely participated debate on the social network. All the participants unanimously condemned the government move. It is hoped that the government will reconsider its ill-conceived decision to avoid any further damage. (Aziz Narejo)

Ibad, Awan, Qaim talking on the PPP-MQM deal on LG system


One Province, One Law! Say NO to two laws in Sindh - one for the blackmailers & the other for the SLAVES! Say no to discrimination on any basis. People are the real masters. They can change the govt's unscrupulous decisions. Depends how much the people are committed to to their beliefs, how outraged they are & what their reaction is.

A comment: They (PPP) make the law (Local Govt Amendment Act) & then THEY break the law. Yes, they should be held accountable. They must take back this black ordinance.

In response to a comment: …, yes, all of us should play our part. All the parties that claim to fight for the rights of the people should spearhead the movement. Remember the movement against Kalabagh Dam? Same thing can happen now.


Black, divisive & discriminatory Ordinance by Sindh Govt: I think this is a fit case for all the people in Sindh (no matter if they speak Sindhi, Urdu, Pushto, Balochi, Punjabi, Memoni, Gujrati, Siraiki or any other language) to come together & take a united stand against this divisive & discriminatory ordinance that seeks to divide the people & introduce a caste system in Sindh. People from other provinces & fair-minded people world over should condemn it too.

In response to a comment: Dear …, you have to gain support from the sympathizers & voters of PPP too to get this ordinance revoked. We must not use inflammatory language. There will be many more occasions to do that.

In response to a comment: ..., I saw this message on a Facebook wall: consider doing it: هنن نمبرن تي ايس ايم ايس ڪري کين دٻاءُ وجهو ته هو بي انتها غلط ڪري رهيا آهن ۽ سنڌ جي ڌرتي کين پاڻ ۾ دفن ڪرڻ لاءِ به تيار نه ٿيندي اگر اهي هن واهيات فيصلي تان هٿ نه ٿا کڻن.

Pir Mazhar 03075425298
Agha Siraj 03008311755
M. B. Chndio 03003016700
Sharjel Memn 03008299855
Sasui Palijo 03012398361
Ayaz Soomro 03003400441
Nisar Khuhro 03008216803
Shazia Mari 03009247009
Zahid Bhurgri 03003011797
Manzoor Wasan 03008248444

He also writes:
 مهرباني ڪري لعنت ملامت کان پاسو ڪري پنهنجي ڳالهه سولي نموني سان رکو. هي وقت آهي، پنهنجي پاڻ کي نڀائڻ جو. انتهائي ٿڌي دماغ سان سوچي ايس ايم ايس ٺاهيو. ايس ايم ايس ٺاهڻ مهل اهو ضرور سوچجو ته هاڻي اوهان سنڌ جا وڪيل آهيو، ٻولي اهڙي استعمال ڪندا جيئن اوهان پنهنجو ڪيس کٽي سگھو.

In response to a comment: Thanks to all the friends. Pl support any announcement from political parties to agitate against this ordinance & also send messages to media outlets, elected representatives & the leaders of all political parties.

In response to a comment: Per kanhn jo intizaar karNo naahey. Her kanhn khey panhnjo kam karNo aahey ain her agitation jo saath DiyaNo aahey.


Black, divisive & discriminatory ordinance: PLEDGE NOT TO VOTE FOR PPP: I think people should hold big gatherings/rallies in all district headquarters & take oath that they will not vote for PPP anymore if it didn't take this ordinance back immediately & didn't stop its policies harming the interests of the people in the province.


In all fairness, people should also pledge not to vote for the violent, terrorist & divisive politics of MQM either.


Black & cursed ordinance: A GOLDEN CHANCE FOR MQM: Don't laugh. It may sound strange but this really presents a great opportunity to MQM to win over great many hearts in Sindh: What if MQM rejects the ordinance & tells the govt to take it back with the comments that it doesn't support discriminatory laws & that it doesn't want to divide the people? After all, Altaf said yesterday Sindh was HIS MOTHER!!! Why not send this message to MQM leadership? Some of them are reading it right now.

In response to a comment: …I know it is not on their agenda & that MQM serves the interests of its voters. But it is a political party & it must recognize the moment to capture the history & turn the tide. If it has thinking minds, they must realize that it is actually in their own long interest.

In response to another comment: ..., don't give this thing a racist look. You can plead a case on its merits and win. If you make it parochial, you would lose. This is not the case of any particular community. This is the case of whole Sindh. We still don't realize how big an issue it is & how big opportunities there are.

In response to a comment: ..., plead the case not at one forum but at all the forums available to us - plead with the people, with voters, with citizens, with media, with politicians, with elected people, in international arena, on social networks - wherever we get an opportunity. All is not lost. Himmat jee zaroorat aahey ain her hik sipahee thiye. 


ايم قيو ايم ۽ پي ايم ايل نواز تي ته ڪاوڙ جهٽ ٿي اچي اسانجي سياسي، صحافتي ۽ ٻئي ”سجاڳ“ لڏي کي، رستا بند به ٿين ٿا ته قيٿا روڪ به ٿئي ٿي. ڏسڻو اهو آهي ته ان ساڳين ماڻهن کي پ پ پ جي غلط پاليسين تي ڪيتري مَٺيان ٿي لڳي ۽ ڪيترا رستا بند ٿا ٿين، ڪيترا گهيرائو ٿا ٿين ۽ ڪيتري ٿي ڦيٿا روڪ ٿئي نه ته پڪ ڄاڻو ته پ پ پ سان گڏ ان جا حمايتي، ووٽر ۽ ٻيو سڄو لڏو به ڪُڌن ڪمن لاءِ ايترو ئي ذميوار آهي

In response to a comment: ….., bey-wasi & maayoosi jee gaalh naahey. Manho & partiyoon gadji pawan ta hee ta chha per ghaNa masai-la hal thhee saghan thha

In response to a comment: ادا، مهرباني. يقين ڪريو، هي جيڪو اسان لکون پيا اهو فضول ناهي، سڀني پارٽين جا اڳواڻ جنهن ۾ پ پ پ، ايم قيو ايم، قوم پرست پارٽيون، پي ايم ايل ن، سياسي ۽ سماجي ڪارڪن ۽ ميڊيا جا ماڻهو شامل آهن، اهي سڀ هي پڙهن پيا ۽ پنهنجو ۽ عوام جو پيغام انهن تائين پهچي پيو

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