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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

News Bytes

By: Aijaz Ahmed

Nawaz Sharif's health improved, Dr Hasnat treated him

Undoubtedly Mian Nawaz Sharif is popular leader of the country at present. He is the man who has helped the PPP government enter in its fourth year despite its weaknesses and blunders. It is good for his followers and well wishers to know that he is recovering satisfactorily from serious illness at a faster pace in London, UK. He has gone through a surgery at Cromwell Hospital, London and Dr. Hasnat Ahmed Khan, a famous Pakistani-British Surgeon and friend of late Lady Diana treated him.
Dr Hasnat Ahmad Khan

Cricket Mania

Mother of All Cricket Matches to be played today
Mohali Cricket Stadium, India
The biggest cricket match of the world cup history (a semi final) will be played today at Mohali Cricket Stadium, India between the two ‘arch rivals’ i.e., Pakistan and India. Prime Minister Sayed Yusuf Raza Gilani along with a well-represented delegation, consisting of members from coalition parties and certain other parties in the parliament including Asfandyar Wali Khan and Dr Farooq Sattar will watch proceedings at Mohali stadium in India with his Indian Counterpart. The gesture of Indian prime minister to invite Pakistani president and PM to watch the game and the response from Pakistan is being widely appreciated across Pakistan and India and being termed as a positive sign. It is interesting to note that the two major TV anchors, Talat Hussain and Kashif Abbasi, who are part of the PM delegation, left by road from Islamabad to Mohali, and all female anchors will travel with PM in his special plane!

The steps Pakistan has taken in this context can gauge the cricket fever; federal government has announced a half-day national holiday. Sindh Government has declared a complete holiday and all Universities in Sindh have announced a one-day closure for the match. In addition, Federal Urdu University has postponed all examinations to be taken today the 30th March!

Semi Final Creates Rift in PML Hamkhyal
Kashmala Tariq
Hamkhyal faction of Pakistan Muslim League was separated from Q league in the name of principles and for reunification of all the leagues and also to promote democratic culture in Muslim League but the invitation of Indo-Pak Cricket Semi Final has put all the 'principles' and the priorities on the back burner in the party. In fact Ms Kashmala Tariq, a party MNA was invited by her old friend and daughter in law of Chief Minister of Indian Punjab, and PM Gilani also offered her to be part of his delegation. Thus a rift is created in the party. She had a serious feud with her party chief Salim Saif Ullah Khan on the issue. He insisted that how could she represent his party in PMs delegation and be invited by any Indian dignitary. Kashmala is traveling to India however, on both the invitations and rest will be settled later!

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