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Friday, May 11, 2012

Victims Of Karachi Massacre Of 12th May, 2007 Still Await Justice

Mobile upload by Asif Ali

It is 12th May again. 5 years ago today, a reign of terror was unleashed on the city of Karachi by London, UK based Altaf Hussain & his MQM & the Musharraf regime. Scores of people were killed & many more injured. Deposed Supreme Court judge, Iftikhar Choudhry was not allowed to come out of the airport & the city roads were forcibly blocked to stop the processions going to the airport to receive him. The whole city was held hostage by the MQM goons. The people were fired upon, terrorized & harassed.

Now that deposed judge is back in his seat. A democratically elected government is in power. But it is unfortunate that none of them has gone after the terrorists. The government has shook hands with them & is sitting together with the killers of the political workers, lawyers & others. It can't & doesn't want to hold the terrorists accountable.

The judge is taking suo motu actions against anyone & everyone under the sun but not the MQM terrorists or ex-military dictator, Musharraf.

If there is no justice for the victims of the Karachi massacre of 12th May, 2007, how could there be justice for anybody else?

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