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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pakistan Elections on 11th May! Don't Forget 12th May (2007)!

Elections have been announced for 11th May, 2013!

Hope people will remember the 12th May (2007) when they go to vote!

Now the masterminds & the executioners of the May 12 (2007) Karachi massacre, ex-military dictator Musharraf & MQM, have joined the hands again. Musharraf is arriving in Karachi today to lead their joint election campaign. People must reject their racist & terrorist policies once for all on 11th May.

There should NEVER be another 12th May! There should be no place anymore for violence & use of force to achieve political or other objectives.

MQM behind May 12 carnage: Aitzaz, PTI:

12 May 2007 - A Day To Remember Massacre In Karachi Done By MQM Terrorists:  

12th may 2007 massacre: Culprit terror gang MQM Altaf still roaming scot free:

Musharraf held responsible for May 12 massacre:

Terrorism of MQM exposed: Videos related to 12 May 2007 massacre in Karachi:

MQM's Massacre on 12th May with full evidence:

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